Create a custom Current Selections Bar in Qlik Sense

You may be comfortable with the Qlik Sense default current selections box:


What if you or your end users aren’t keen on the look and feel? Especially inside a web application you may not want to always use this to control your Qlik charts. Using the APIs you can completely customise these controls.

An example

I replaced the standard icons with basic text links and used some basic styling to replace the current selections bar.


Reintroducing lock and unlock functionality into Qlik Sense

A little added extra was to reintroduce lock/unlock functionality that will be familiar to Qlikview users. When a field is locked the object will go orange:


Code for the buttons:

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[Code snippet – Custom selection nav buttons]( on Snipplr


[Code snippet – text links for selection navigation]( on Snipplr


[Code snippet – Custom current selections]( on Snipplr
[Code snippet – current selection list html]( on Snipplr