Create and Embed bar, line, pie charts and maps in your website (for free)

Create and Embed bar, line, pie charts and maps in your website (for free)

Are you looking for a quick way to **turn your excel/csv/text file into an interactive **visualization you can embed on your website for free?

This post will show you exactly that and it takes about 5 minutes.

Maybe you thought about just taking an image from excel or maybe doing something very time consuming with photoshop. Those wont be interactive though… so what are the options if you want to create and embed an interactive bar chart, line chart, pie chart or map into a website using your own data?

One way is to use Qlik Cloud Service. It is a free online tool that helps you generate data visualizations quickly straight from flat files on your local machine, you can even do some data modelling to fix things automatically that would usually take lots of time in excel.

This post will show you how to get to the point of embedding some charts in your website, here are some interactive visualization examples just to show i’m not kidding:

A Bar Graph:

A Pie Chart:

(Use the mouse wheel or finger on touch pad to make the Pie spin!!!)

A Treemap / Box Plot:

Step 1: Get some data.

For this example I used freely available excel file from Wikipedia on population numbers. You can use the same one if you want. I recommend keeping it simple to start with.

**Step 2: Create an account on Qlik Cloud. **

You can do that by going here:

Step 3: Create an App and drag the data file into Qlik Cloud.