Frequently asked questions

Hey there!

Here you will find a list of common questions about our analytics platform. If you have an immediate request, you can also email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What is C2A?

C2A is Key performance indicator management platform. It provides a single place to create, collaborate, predict and manage Key performance Indicators (KPIs) within your business.

Who is it for?

You will likely get the most value out C2A if you are:

1) A business leader with responsibility to improve data focused metrics. You want your team to be focused on the numbers and make sure they are always have visibility on what your focused on.

2) An analyst responsible for producing and automating reporting processes for senior management.

3) A team member who needs to occasionally be alerted about changes and trends in one or more key performance metrics.

4) You require real time data alerting to actively manage and improve KPIs.

How does it work?

C2A helps you put out fires and predict where the next one will start.

C2A pulls in data from a wide range of databases, analytics systems and AI platforms internally and externally to your organisation.

Business analysts across your organisation can add their own time based KPIs.

C2A can then be used to visualise, collaborate, predict and alert KPI performance to make sure everyone is driving towards the same numerical goal.

Noob question - What is a Key Performance Indicator?

"A quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of an organization or employee to meet objectives for performance."

Basic Features

Everything in the app is focused on helping you improve a key performance indicator. We do this in four ways:

1) Visualisation of performance - Pull in data and track KPI performance over a standard timeframe, view your KPIs in one place using customisable KPI Boards.

2) Social collaboration - tag your colleagues and post messages inside KPI streams. Kind of like slack of facebook but focused on individual KPIs.

3) Forecast and predictive analysis. We do two types - first to predict future performance of the KPI over time and secondly to make predictions about which KPIs are impacting each other. This helps you to focus your effort on the KPIs that will generate the highest return.

4) Alerting Feedback Engine - We have a powerful alerting engine that lets you create triggers from across datasets in your organisation and then see who is checking the alerts.

What is a KPI Board?

It is a very common scenario that across the organisations will end up recreating metrics in various reports depending on who is asking for the report. C2A removes this head ache by allowing you to have a standard library of Key Performance Indicators but at the same time allowing you to build your own KPI board.

You can organise KPIs into categories to suit your view of the world. Safe in the knowledge that everyone else is also looking at the same numbers and viewing it the same way.

Do you have drag drop functionality?

Is there any other way? You can create a KPI board in seconds. Just create a board, create some categories and drag drop the relevant KPIs into your board! You can even add some filters that will work across KPIs where the data fields exist.

Where is C2A hosted?

C2A is hosted on AWS but can also be deployed on to Azure cloud environments. We also offer an install package for enterprise customers to install on premise within your company firewall.

Does C2A process my data?

C2A is unique in that it does not do data processing itself, instead it will run queries against your different existing analytics environments and bring them together into one place. We can also provide cloud based processing power if you need it, but we are just as happy to use what you already have.

What is the minimum hardware requirement for C2A?

C2A does not require a vast amount of RAM to do its job, the software run easily on small virtual machines as well as scale to millions of users, we use the same technology as large social networks, we just apply it to organisation analytics rather than helping you share cat pictures.

Can I create alerts with C2A?

Yes! We have a super powerful alerting engine that lets you create trigger conditions across multiple datasources and then send alerts via SMS or Email. We also have a call feature that lets you track who is actually checking your alerts. All this data is tracked and we use AI to help you make alterations to improve the KPI performance.

What industries and companies use C2A?

While our technology is applicable to every industry, we have a strong presence inside pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and also within sales organisations and the telecommunications industry.