Full List of Qlik Sense Repository (QRS) API Paths and Endpoints

So this is likely only going to be valuable if you are doing something more advanced with Qlik Sense in a web application or custom on demand scenario.

Let me know what your up too – I’m always interested!

This is a complete list of all Qlik Sense QRS endpoints and POST GET PUT and DELETE paths that you will need if you are doing something advanced like an OEM partner or custom on demand development using Qlik Sense.

On this page you can download a complete list of all the QRS end points that you can call to do things like reload apps, copy apps, publish and more (most of them are not even documented on the Q lik help site).

There are actually 1225 end points available, a great little treasure trove for any web devs working with qlik or anyone interested in where the product might be going. If you need some help let us know, we have got rather good with using them in real world implementations recently.

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