How to export data from Coutts&Co automatically

How to Export Coutts&Co Data Automatically?

This article will show you how to automatically extract data from Coutts&Co.

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Search for 'Coutts&Co' in the connector list on the left and hit the 'Connect button'
  3. Authorize Cloudslurp to connect to your Coutts&Co account. This is secured by GoCardless.

Now you will see a list of tables, each table is an account you have at Coutts&Co. Simple!

Schedule a Backup of Coutts&Co Data

You can now set this to be backed up on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Embed Coutts&Co Data in a Spreadsheet

You can also embed the live data in a Spreadsheet like Excel or Google sheets by clicking on the embed buttons.

Get Coutts&Co Data by API

You can click on the Code button to see how to call the Cloudslurp API to make real time data requests to Coutts&Co by API.

Share Read-Only Access to Coutts&Co Data with your Team

You can invite your team so they can access your Coutts&Co data without needing your login credentials too. Simply invite them to a data board.

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