How to filter and export customers from quickbooks

This article will show you how to search and export customers data from quickbooks.

Are you looking to migrate your data from quickbooks or maybe you just want more advanced filtering on your quickbooks customers data? This is how.

First create a Cloudslurp account and click the connect for quickbooks account.

You will be directed to quickbooks to authorize Cloudslurp and then directed back to Cloudslurp.

You can then optionally invite your team members you would also like to have access to your live quickbooks customers data. Click Next, and you will be in the data search page.

Now you can see all your quickbooks data sets listed.

You can scroll to the quickbooks customers data set. Easy!

How to search on specific fields within quickbooks customers?

You can open the 'View Data' tab and filter on the column name. Now you will see the data based on your filter and sort.

How to use quickbooks customers inside excel or google sheets?

Click on the corresponding Excel of Google Sheet button to copy and paste a simple spreadsheet formula into your workbook. This will give you a live feed of data that refreshes directly in your spreadsheet.

How Can I download my quickbooks customers data?

The data is available to download just by clicking on the download button in the top right corner of the quickbooks customers table

How to do advanced filtering on quickbooks customers?

You can also use SQL to do more advanced queries to filter and join your data sets. Just connect your systems and then hit the create query button to generate a new dataset using SQL.

How to get quickbooks customers data via an API call?

Sometimes you want to pull the quickbooks data programatically, but you may not want to deal with the oauth flow involved, Cloudslurp gives you a way to access your data with just an authorisation token which is great for using it with REST connectors in analytics tools.

curl --location --request GET ''         --header 'token: YOUR_CLOUDSLURP_API_TOKEN'

Is this data up to date?

Cloudslurp data is pulled from quickbooks every time you do a query. So yes!

How can I give my team access to quickbooks data without giving everyone a quickbooks licence?

Cloudslurp means you can give data access to your team without the need for everyone to have access to the source system. It is your data after all and you should own it.

Available data sets from quickbooks

You can also retrieve your other quickbooks data sets:

What is Cloudslurp?

Cloudslurp is a productivity tool for you and your team. It is one place to search and download data from tools like quickbooks and loads of others.