Qlik Sense 2.1 has variable editor, media library, visualization exploration and more

Yesterday Qlik released Qlik Sense 2.1. This one has loads of things and is really worth a download, the product is starting to mature and i’m very sure there’s loads more to come.

The variable editor is back

If you are familliar with Qlikview you will be happy that this feature has now returned. Really useful for more complex implementations. This will only be seen in unpublished apps, it lets you create, edit or delete variables. Be aware that you can only edit variables in this that have been created in the front end. So variables you created in the script will not be editable in this although you will be able to see them.


Users can now upload and attach files in Qlik Sense Server like they can on desktop

Firstly you can now directly upload and attach files in server mode the same way as you can in desktop. Great!

Apps have their own Media Library

You now have a central place for to manage all images throught the Qlik Sense app.


**Visual exploration **

You can now edit some visualization properties through the new exploration menu so end users don’t have to keep requesting help to app authors.

Editable range selection

It is now possible to input exact values and do more precise selections.

editable range image

Stories to Powerpoint

If you are the type of person who likes to buy a phone contract based on the number of minutes you get when all you do is use whatsapp and skype call everyone… then go ahead and export stories to powerpoint now!