Deploy Qlik Sense mashup from desktop to server

Here are some basic steps for deploying a mashup from Qlik Sense Desktop to Qlik Sense Server:

  1. Copy the qvf file from your local Qlik folder (by default it is C:\Users[user]\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps)

  2. Import the qvf file through the management console (start>apps>import)

  3. Make accessible to the right stream (everyone if your just testing)

  4. Obtain the server app ID from the URL when in sheet overview inside the apptutorial2 e.g: 5fd30a77-32e7-4f51-a15c-d0d31a34de8b

  5. Insert this in the javascript file in place of the app name: tutorial3

  6. Compress the mashup folder into zip format (normally in C:\Users[user]\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions):

  7. import to server through the management console >extensionstutorial1

  8. Should now be able to navigate to the mashup on the server using the path: https://[servername]/extensions/[mashupname]/index.html Remember to change index.html to whatever your path is. You should now have access to the mashup as long as ports are open from the outside using the standard authentication method.