Qlik Sense Media Background Extension

This extension lets you use videos as a background to your Qlik Sense Dashboard. In this example I connected aerial views of different energy sources to selections made on the dashboard. It certainly adds something eye catching to your standard Qlik sense dashboard. It only works when using Qlik Sense through a browser with Qlik sense desktop or server.

You can use any video URL to act as the background so the background can actually become part of the story you are telling.

Download Qlik Sense Video Background Extension Here:

Built for Qlik Sense 2.2.4>


Use the powerful associative data engine of Qlik Sense with video (mp4s or other media types) to create visually appealing dashboards in native Qlik Sense. You can also use this to change the dashboard background color.

Add some flare to your Qlik Sense Dashboards!

Known Limitations

  • This currently only works when viewing through a browser that is supported by Qlik Sense. Video backgrounds do not work in Qlik Sense Desktop. You can still do demos using Qlik Sense Desktop by running Qlik Sense Desktop and then typing http://localhost:4848/hub into your browser.
  • Qlik Sense 2.2 or higher
  • For best performance the videos should be short clips < 20 seconds, internet speed will impact end user experience as the videos load from source.
  • Video backgound will only begin when the sheet with the object is navigated too.
  • The extension needs to be dropped on the app landing page, video background will only appear once user has navigated to sheet.

Step 1 – Install the extension

  • For Qlik Sense Desktop – Download the zip file, unzip the file and drop the video backgrounds folder into C:\Users[USERNAME]\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\
  • For Qlik Sense Server – Download the zip file and upload the zip file through the Qlik Management Console (QMC) on the extensions tab

Step 2 – Drag and Drop the extension and configure

The extension requires three settings inside appearence >background info

  1. Media URLRequired – This is an absolute path to a mp4 or video format.
  2. TransparencyRequired – This is a number between 0 (transparent) and 1 (not transparent), this is the color overlayed on the video background.
  3. Background Hex ColorRequired – This is any hex color value that will be the color of the background (e.g ‘#FFFFFF’ for white).

If you would like support or help with this extension please get in touch.