Qlik Sense Workbench dev-hub location and other mashup links for developers

To normal mortals like me it took a while to work out how to actually access the Qlik Sense Workbench in Qlik Sense Desktop.

At this time it is not a separate product and doesn’t require any fancy installation or anything. Follow these steps to access Qlik Sense Desktop Workbench:

  1. Start Qlik Sense Desktop
  2. Open a Chrome or Firefox and go to **http://localhost:4848/workbench **

UPDATE: workbench is now called dev-hub since Qlik Sense 2.1 .. access it via http://localhost:4848/dev-hub/

Now you are there you will likely also want these links:

After you have created a mashup you can access the mashup editor via (test being the name of your mashup):


You can get a list of all object IDs using this link which will save you going through the HTML code of your Qlik Sense app.


UPDATE since Sense 2.1 the link above is now: http://localhost:4848/dev-hub/single-configurator