QuickBooks Online Connector for Qlik Sense Cloud, Enterprise or Desktop.


If you are like me and using QuickBooks to manage your business finances you will find the built in reporting functionality in QuickBooks limited. Especially when you want to start cross checking QuickBooks data against other systems.

I find it much easier to do analysis in a tool like Qlik. So my first search was for a prebuilt connector that works with QuickBooks Online into Qlik Cloud or Qlik Enterprise. There was a REST connector but not easily configurable with QuickBooks Online.

We decided to build an online service that takes away a lot of the manual effort/complexity with authorisation and pagination and gets you to analysing data quicker for online platforms like QuickBooks.

Introducing the Cloudslurp QuickBooks Online Data Connector for Qlik! It will authenticate QuickBooks and pass the data directly into a standard URL. Meaning you can load it directly into Qlik using the standard Qlik REST connector.

Just pull your Quickbooks data directly into Qlik and GO.

Setup in less than 2 minutes:

STEP 1: Signup for a Cloudslurp Account:

Sign up to cloudslurp.com to create a data management account:


Once signed up, you will need to activate your 5 day trial by entering a card detail (cancel any time) or contact admin@cloudslurp.com for an extended trial.

STEP 2: Connect Cloudslurp to you Quickbooks Account:

Select QuickBooks from the dropdown list and click the 'Connect Quickbooks' button to authorise Cloudslurp QuickBooks app to access your account data.

After you have authorised and back on cloudslurp.com, select Quickbooks from the dropdown again.

You should now see all the data tables available to you. Click on any of the live data urls to see the JSON feed of data. This data is the WHOLE DATA SET coming live from Quickbooks, Cloudslurp is handling the pagination and security for you.

Quickbooks data for Qlik, PowerBI, Tableau

STEP 2: Copy the URL and load the data into a Qlik app


Select REST connector:



Insert the Cloudslurp URL into the URL field.


The great thing is this works in every version of Qlik Sense - Enterprise, desktop and Cloud :). Enjoy!


Stuff you can easily do with Cloudslurp

Pull data directly into Qlik from Quickbooks Online

Pull invoices from Quickbooks into Qlik

Pull bills from Quickbooks into Qlik

Pull customers from Quickbooks into Qlik

Pull creditmemos from Quickbooks into Qlik

Pull accounts from Quickbooks into Qlik

and more!