Quickbooks Connector for Qlik Sense

Trying to connect Quickbooks Online to Qlik? You are in the right place!

This is how:

1) Create a Cloudslurp account and Connect your Quickbooks account

2) You will now be inside your first 'data board'. Select the connection you created on the 'Data Viewer'

Heres your data! Now you can get the data via the Cloudslurp API like this:

https://api.cloudslurp.com/data?token=YOUR_TOKEN&query=SELECT * FROM quickbooks1."accounts";

Get your exact URL by selecting the 'Code' button in the data viewer.

3) Go to your Qlik app and open the script editor, create a REST connection and use the URL in the query box. This will return your Quickbooks data to Qlik. Alternatively you can manually download the data as a CSV and work with it that way.

About Cloudslurp

Cloudslurp also lets you join data and create data pipelines just by asking questions :O. Use it to create AI driven data pipelines from Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, Salesforce, Coinbase, Stripe and more.