The Qlik Sense Dev Hub - Overview

The Qlik Sense Dev Hub - Overview

If you were wondering how to manage extensions or Mashups in Qlik sense you can do this directly in Qlik Sense Desktop by accessing the new Qlik Sense Dev-Hub. It lets you create and browse mashups and visualisation extensions you have installed on Qlik Sense.


It is split into four useful tools:

Single Configurator

This page will lets you select an app and then select any object inside the app. It gives you the URL for a direct link to an object, or an iframe code to directly copy and paste into your website.

The options on the right will affect how this object will react when embedded by changing GET parameters on the end of the URL that you copy and paste.

single object screenshot

Extension Editor

The extension editor lets you create custom visualisations that you can drag drop into Qlik Sense dashboards.
mashup editor

The mashup editor lets you drag and drop Qlik Sense objects from an existing app into a HTML layout, I recommend you manage your code outside of the web browser using a good text editor such as Sublime Text Editor 3. You just need to edit the files stored in C:\Users[USER]\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions if you are using Sense Desktop.

Engine API Explorer

This is really handy if you want to make sure you are getting your API calls correct. In the example screenshot, I do a basic request to get the Sense version. Note that some of these things will only be working with Qlik Sense Server and not desktop.


Note the Dev-Hub used to be called the Workbench editor in Qlik Sense previous to version 2.1.