Use Qlik Sense as a data warehouse

Most organisations and people in business intelligence are aware of the term Data Warehouse and its percieved benefits:

A Data Warehouse Delivers Enhanced Business Intelligence

  • A Data Warehouse Saves Time
  • A Data Warehouse Enhances Data Quality and Consistency
  • A Data Warehouse Provides Historical Intelligence by storing snapshots from a live system

We can actually do these things with Qlik Sense. This is thanks to the powerful Qlik Engine, the great compression speed of Qlik QVDS.

I won’t go into specific details but let’s assume your manager asks you ‘I want a report that is on top of snapshots in time. In the past this may have mean gluing together many old excel daily reports, or arranging a costly project to build a data warehouse.

At a high level, these Qlik Sense features help us do this much quicker:

  1. Sense Apps arn’t just for dashboards. Thanks to the powerful scripting engine we can create apps just for the purpose of ETL tasks.
  2. The Qlik sense console lets you do dependent reloads. so one application will not start reloading until the Succeasful completion of another.
  3. We can store large data sets in a very compressed file format called a QVD after doing transformation on a table inside a Qlik Sense app.
  4. We can date and time stamp QVDS to store snapshots.
  5. We can quickly load lots of QVDs into one application using one load statement of they have a common file name structure.

Obviously this constitutes a more complex project than a simple dashboard build. But there are few tools that will let you do complex tasks and replace your data warehouse so quickly. My top tip is to have someone who has done this before on your team. Experience is invaluable.