Voice Control Extension for Qlik Sense

Now you can control Qlik Sense dashboards with just your voice using this extension in Chrome. Chrome is currently the only browser that properly supports MIC usage.

Voice Control Image

This extension has two purposes, the first is it is an attempt to improve accessibility for users with disability by allowing for voice commands to be used to control Qlik functionality… The second is that its awesome for presentations!

Here are the commands you talk at the app and it will do something:

  1. ‘say hello’ – Prompts user with hello world
  2. ‘clear selection’ – Clears current selection
  3. ‘go forward’ – go forward selection
  4. ‘go back’ – Go back selection
  5. ‘lock selection’ – Lock the current selection
  6. ‘unlock selection’ – Unlock current selection
  7. ‘reload app’ – Reload App
  8. ‘search for [some term]’ – Search for the given term, selects first associated value
  9. ‘clear [fieldname]’ – Clear specific field name
  10. ‘lock [fieldname]’ – Lock specific field name
  11. ‘unlock [fieldname]’ – Unlock specific field name
  12. ‘select alternative [fieldname]’ – select alternative value within the specific fieldname
  13. ‘select excluded [fieldname]’ – select excluded within specific field name
  14. ‘show me [fieldname]’ – navigate to another sheet with the given field name.

Remember to use Chrome (Remember to access through localhost:4848/hub in Chrome if you are using Qlik Sense Desktop):

Note: In chrome you will know when the MIC is active because a little red dot shows up on the tab.


Will only work with browsers supporting the SpeechRecognition standard. At the moment that means you have to use Chrome. http://www.google.com/chrome/

Download the Voice Control Extension Here

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