What is Cloudslurp?

Our goal with Cloudslurp is to remove the need for large data warehouse or data lakes and to help you maintain independence from cloud software vendors.

Cloudslurp is 4 things:

  1. Real time SQL query engine. We turn the traditional data warhouse upside down, data is extracted only at the point of the user query.
  2. Collaboration environment. In Cloudslurp you work with team mates to share your individual data connections and query across them. Investigate live data together to solve problems.
  3. Embed data everywhere - When you run a query in Cloudslurp, we call it a 'slurp'. You can embed these everywhere either via a visual data table, or through our data API. Alot of people query Cloudslurp directly from Google sheets to have real time data spreadsheets!
  4. Data independence platform - we believe you should always have ultimate control of your own data. Cloudslurp helps you maintain independence from any one SAAS vendor and avoid vendor lock in by creating a space you can quickly pull data into without complex migration costs.

Use Cloudslurp today! It's free.