Writeback Table For Qlik Sense

Sick of maintaining data mapping tables in Excel? Allow users manage mapping tables directly within a Qlik Sense Dashboard.

Extension Setup

The WebOfWork Writeback Table is a downloadable extension that you import just like any other extension in Qlik Sense. Import it via the extension manager in the QMC on Qlik Sense Server or unzip into your extension folder in Qlik Sense Desktop.

Then drag drop the writeback extension directly into your app!

How To Use

Step 1 - Authorise Writeback Service

Navigate to the About section and enter your WebOfWork account to login via the writeback service panel using your account email and password.

Step 2 - Create your Editable Mapping Table

Add at least two dimensions you would like to create a writeback table from. You can tick the 'Editable' checkbox to make the dimension read only or editable.

NOTE: You can create a blank field by entering ='' as the dimension
value and give it an appropriate field title.

Step 3 - Configure your Writeback Table Settings.

WritebackId - A WritebackId will be created for the extension the first time you hit the Save button. A new WritebackId will be created each time the dimensions or measures are changed.

Reload After Save - For this to work on Qlik Sense Enterprise the end user must have the correct permission to reload the app. If they do not then this should remain unticked.

Step 4 - Loading Writeback Data into Qlik Sense

Go into the data load editor inside the Qlik app where you want to access writeback data. Create a new data connection and select REST as connector type.

Connector Settings

URL: https://app.webofwork.com/api/writeback/[WritebackId]

NOTE: Replace [WritebackId] with the WritebackId. You can get this from the Writeback Settings panel in the extension or login at https://app.webofwork.com to manage your writebacks.



Name: Authorization  Value: AuthorizationToken

It will import three data tables into your data model. Most use cases require you only need the 'data' table. The other two can be deleted.

Known Limitations

This extension will store only up to 10,000 cell values. This is to keep the data storage level in the writeback service to a minimum and to manage the browser speed when using the extension.